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Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom

I just purchased a set called BT-S2 Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom

Looked like the most Value for Money around and really feels like that. Pairs effortlessly, sounds good, can't wait to try it on high speeds with ear plugs to see what is what. I can even voice activate my phone's camera which means that its mic works good too.

I came up with an idea about mounting the whole thing influenced by the way Schuberth mounts their own intercom on C3s. Worked great. Have a look:

Neat, much less exposed and easy to reach. The whole double set costs a tiny fraction of the price of a solo Sena so for someone who wants to risk it I think it is quite hard to regret.



...Ένα παιδικό όνειρο και το βόρειο ρεκόρ μου μαζί.

Υπάρχουν προορισμοί στους οποίους με το που πατάς το πόδι σου από το πρώτο λεπτό νιώθεις δικαιωμένος. Η Σουηδική πρωτεύουσα είναι ένας από αυτούς.

Σε όλα τα προφανή (καθαρή, όμορφη κλπ) προστέθηκε ένας απίστευτος καιρός. Τώρα που σας γράφω είναι περασμένες 9 μιση, ο ήλιος φέγγει ακόμη και όλη η ημέρα είναι ένα υπέροχο “ούτε κρύο ούτε ζέστη ούτε άνεμος” που μου επέτρεψε να κάνω αρκετά χιλιόμετρα με τα πόδια άκοπα ρουφώντας τον πεντακάθαρο φρέσκο βόρειο αέρα χωρίς σταγόνα ιδρώτα. Αν υπάρχει τέλειος καιρός είναι αυτός και μόνο. Ρώτησα και μου είπαν ότι έχουν περίπου 10 τέτοιες μέρες το χρόνο. Απόλαυση να βλέπεις τις οικογένειες με τα ποδήλατα στα πάρκα για ηλιοθεραπεία (ακόμη μεγαλύτερη οι Σουηδέζες με τα μαγιό στο γρασίδι).

Η Στοκχόλμη στο μεγαλύτερο μέρος από αυτό που περπάτησα ως τώρα (1η μέρα) φόραγε άρωμα “διακριτικός φούρνος delicatessen”, το οποίο της πάει γάντι μιας και είναι κουκλίτσα. Έχει τόσο μεγάλες εκτάσεις πρασίνου που νιώθεις συχνά σαν σε δάσος. Είναι η πιο “Πόλη Εξοχή” που έχω δει ως τώρα. Κάπου στην εξοχή της Στοκχόλμης βρίσκεται και το Πανεπιστήμιό της. Αν δεν σας είναι ορατή η διαφορά του με το Ελληνικό μπορεί και να μπερδεύετε τη Ζωή Κω/λου με την Debora Harry. Ιδού:

Μόλις έγειρε ο ήλιος εδώ:

Και ακόμη δεν έχω δει κανένα από τα καλύτερα σημεία. Από αύριο παίρνουν σειρά. Τα λέμε ;)


Today's hiking

The good stuff starts where you leave your car and start walking:

A little turtle on the way:

Destination: All the way to the top...

...where you can feel like a King:

There's 2 butterflies on this one (B&W):

One more nice one:

The ruins of the past always everywhere around here:

Who doesn't love fire roads?


And the DIY goes on...

One more DIY day. This time I was trying to make a helmet mount for my phone. The idea was to find a way to shoot videos while the body absorbs the vibration of the engine and the shocks from bumpy roads. Finally I managed to do something that made me look like this:

So I went for a test ride. Here's what happened:

Looking left for incoming traffic I hit the mount and the phone dropped face down on the tarmac till I picked it up. Luckily undamaged (the mount kept it scratch free). So I cancelled the project and made a new DIY mount for the bike. Here it is:

Better than the previous one I had, offers space for more gadgets or other stuff if needed and the slightly elastic metal I used promises some shock/vibration absorption. I'll test it on first chance and hope it really does so.


I replanted this beauty that I found while cycling. It was a bit sad for the first 2 days in my garden and today offered me generous blissful "HELLO":

Did I tell you I don't sleep alone anymore? Well, here's the one to blame:

It's another white beauty, a flying one. Stays idle on the ceiling of my bedroom for days, changes place once a week or so. No sound. Just watching me. In her wedding dress...


Early summer

Weather is too good not to think spring is already over. Ok I know it’s too early but honestly who gives an eff anyway :) So...just finished summer installations. A hammock on the left, a swing on the right and a net for the sun on top. Fancy my DIY (short of) table?


My personal record on a chain kit:105000km!

It got quite noisy lately so I decided it was time to (finally!) change drive chain and sprockets on my V-Strom 650. The mileage I got from the original set is ridiculous. 105000km in 8+years! Needless to say I bought the same. Pricy but does a wonderful job:

By the way let me tell you that I still have the original battery which is another personal record for me.

It happens that my mechanic is a lovely guy. That's why he is my mechanic of course:) So he decided to give me his Moto Guzzi Stelvio for a ride. Ok I bribed him with a bottle of my Raki from Crete but still it was a nice offer especially since he proposed me to keep the bike for a day or two! Ok I had other commitments otherwise I would accept. So I rode it for a few km around Athens including a bit of highway.

The bike is nice in general. The saddle is very spacious and comfy and low enough for the shorties. Felt noticeably lower than my (raised by an inch) V-Strom and the short guys will love the front narrow part that allows feet to reach the ground easier. Mirrors are too small for my taste but good looking. Instrument panel is not bad but I am old school and prefer the full analog ones. The windscreen does wonders in keeping the air out while being kinda discreet. Liked it. Engine is (as expected) quite torquey and responsive but the most impressive about it is the consumption. If we trust the numbers the panel reads this thing consumes almost as much as my V-strom (which is already quite efficient!). I was impressed. 4.6 lt/100km average? Wow. Of course you have the shakes and rattles these engines generously offer. Not my cup of tea. I am also afraid that in long trips it will make palms suffer a bit. The rest of the bike (suspension included) offers great comfort. Handlebar is really wide and offers control to the bike which feels stiff and kinda agile for its size. Clutch is typical dry type with the noise and the feel these things offer. Not my kind of party. Front brake is strong enough to make the large front UD fork say "ouch!" Rear is OKish.

All in all a nice bike if you tolerate (or like) that kind of engines and clutches. The problem is is going to give you problems sooner or later. Lots of them. But you do know it on the first place when you decide for a thing like that don't ya? :)

So after this ride I got back to my V-Strom. know what? That thing from Japan put a smile on my face once more. I happily got rid of Guzzi's weight, shakes, rattles and clutch noises and now that the new chain took off all the noise the old one made, it literally feels and sounds like when I bought it new back in 2007.

Long live the Japs :)