My last trip

Just published the video folks so here's to you!

This time (fortunately for you) music is not mine. Ozric Tentacles rule!


Am I on tour?

No...the photo above is my car when I arrived at my new house AFTER I removed some first things. I am quite proud of my Tetris technique :)

This car rocks:

But sure the new house does rock. Worked my ass off for the last 4 days from sunrise to sunset but now I have it (almost) ready. Here's my first lunch with view to the sea:

Needless to mention the moon that offers light to my balcony at night...


Sunset in the Adriatic pool

It started like this...

and ended like this...

And this was how one more trip ended. 4500km during the coldest June  in 5 countries(people in every country I visited bitched about it).

I can't thank enough the people who hosted me: Jelena and her roomates @ Tivat Montenegro, Maja @ Lukovo Sugarje Croatia, Rahel and the Brunner family @ Mustair Switzerland, Antonello and his family @ Torino.

Was also nice to feel on my back the eyes of you guys following my blog, hope you enjoyed it. More than 600 clicks per month lately and counting :) I will payback by uploading video stuff, hopefully soon.

See you on the next one ;)

Put your hands together please for...

...my boots!

After so many years and so many miles I had to leave them some 20ish km west of Ancona watching the sunset. Are they still looking west? Or someone else is now walking in my shoes? I only wanna thank them for following me that long. As a payback I took them  to so many places that they sure have stories to share :)



One more sweetie among other ones in Umbria Italy close to Perugia. Not as beautiful as Spoleto which was one of my destinations last October but still not bad at all.

Check it out:

This tiny backstreet was full of these flags:

Parco di Canape:

The missing left leg of this horse statue attracted the attention of locals and police:

Lots of nice houses around but I really liked this one: