Birthday bicycle ride

Well, that time of the year again. Birthdays feel closer and closer to each other...I could write a book with all that's in my head and heart so I think I'd better put them aside and stick to the beauty of nature that I harvested today while cycling. Besides...she (nature) is always there standing pretty and generous reminding us how small we are.

I could spent the rest of my life cycling on gravel roads like this:

Or tiny trails like this:

A 19th century ruin hidden behind pine trees:

Crossing the pine gate:

Such a lucky mushroom surrounded by such beauty:

The mountain's mouth...

...and its teeth:

Some trails were harder:

Bike seems to enjoy the view:

So do the flowers:

Last but not least, a video to enjoy the silence:

Thanks a lot to everyone who wished me or thought about wishing or plan to wish :) Peace and prosperity to all.