How far do you have to travel...

...to see this? 

I just had to take a walk in my 30+sm balkony. Yes I know I am a lucky guy but never forget that nature's beauty (like those "diamonds" on this plant) is everywhere, no matter how hard we try to mess up the planet. The proof is the view of my balkony:

P.S. The appartment is for sale - in case anyone's interested, contact me via email :)


... I'm back...

...after a nice trip with the ferry...

This is how a biker must return from the prosperous land of Crete:

One top case, two soft side bags, one tank bag and a huge back pack all loaded with local products. Take a chance to try them at their birthplace and you won't regret it.  The birthplace itself is unique as it offers spring sunny weather in the middle of February, while you still won't miss winter images like this full snowy pick at 2453m:

P.S.                                          This is a nice little field with orange trees:

Same field after my invasion: :)


Άλλο ένα...

...ταξίδι αύριο.

Αυτή θα είναι η θέα μου για κάμποσες ώρες:

Να μου είστε φρόνιμα και χαρούμενα μέχρι να γυρίσω :)


Definition of "impressive"...

Most people find impressive the fact that in the middle of winter sometimes I go swimming like this:

Actually what really impressed me is the fact that last night I went to watch this:

The reason is this:

The moon is closer to the sun than I am to be called a football fan (though I used to play a lot in the past). I have been to stadiums to watch this sport less than 5 times in my life while the last one was probably 20 years ago. So I got a free ticket from a friend of mine which gave me the opportunity to attend a game where the host team scored the critical goal on the last second of the 98th minute! Yes...crazy and funny as it sounds!

Next one will have to wait another 20 years I guess...travelling on my bike is closer to my kind of party ;)