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Unbelievable tragedy, epic ride, soulfull writting by such a humble and multi-talented man. Nicely done Mr Peart, RESPECT! I rarely read books (can't remember when I had the last one) but I got really impressed by those 500 pages...


Sherri Jo Wilkins.

After the 1st of April I belong to that special group of men who met a lady who did The Road Of Bones . Yes you can envy me and trust me it is no joke of April's fools day!

Sherri is an amazing lady who travels round the globe on her motorcycle. Her story is too long to be included in just a post so better check out her nice site .

Here's a mini interview that kindly gave to me spending part of her precious time:

1) "Just because I can" seems to be your moto. Do you find more people on your way sharing the same mentality or feels like you are just one of the few out there?

Because I Can started off being a bit cocky.. I said this when I was planning the trip, because when people ask me why I am doing this, my only answer was "because I can"..  I am not married and no children, so I feel lucky that I can rent out my home and just go.  But now that I have had some difficult times, the meaning changes as I quite often have to remind myself "I can do this" when I think that I can't.

2) Was it more difficult than you expected or easier ? 

It is actually easier, because I was really scared about being alone as I travel through the world.  But the biggest surprise has been the sheer amount of hospitality and generosity from people in every single country.  After all the warnings I have received about the bad things that can happen, and the bad people in the world.. All false warnings and little do they know how many more good than bad people there are.. far more! 

3) Lots of mods on your bike. Do they all work OK for you and is there something more you wish you had modified ? 

My favorite mod is the Safari Fuel Tank.. It allows me to go over 450 km on one fill, and it also is easier to fuel that tank from the front as the original is on top in the back, right under my bag which would be a pain to remove every time I fuel if I didn't have the Safari.  If there is something more to modify, I don't know about it.. my bike works for me.  Sometimes I wish I had a more comfortable bike, but we could not modify the seat due to the bike design.  And I wish I could make it a bit lower!

4) Which is the most important change in your character and way of thinking that this experience applied to you?

I was just talking about this.. It's the people.  I have never considered myself a people person.  I love animals and happier around them than people.  Now I see what amazing kind generous people there are around the world, and my perspective is completely changed!  I still love animals of coarse, but I love people now too! And I look forward to when I return home to pay it forward to the travelers that come to Australia for sure!

5) Was it easy to approach and find sponsors for this effort?

No, it's a lot of work, and you get a lot of no's, but I am certainly grateful the sponsors I do have!

6) Some say we have to go RTW to find out that what we're looking for is in our backyard...do you feel like you're into a proccess like this?

Yes and no.  Good question.  I love Australia and knew I had it good there before I started.. I still know that now, and look forward to returning.  So I wasn't looking for something better, really just wanted to experience more of the world around me.

7) What are you missing the most so far being away from home?

My dog Luke.. greatest boy in the whole world, and I feel bad for leaving him behind for so long.

8) Any exceptional (good or bad) moments - stories you want to share?

ToTo cheat a bit, here is a link to the toughest day on the road and of my life so far  http://sherrijosbecauseicanworldtour.blogspot.com/2010/09/end-road-of-bones-cold-mountain-road.html  Your best memories come from your greatest challenges and this was it..  really didn't think I was going to make it this day. ;-(

Thanks for the nice meeting and for introducing me to other nice people in my hometown Sherri. Keep the rubber down and the spirit up!