Sea's wonders

Is swimming in mid November helping while you have a pain in the back? I didn't give a fuck so I swam anyway:

I was awarded from Poseidon for this achievement with the heart shaped stone:

Then Poseidon sent a pilot to draw a straight line in the sky so I couldn't miss that picture:

It was a nice day to forget for a while the gloom of the serious health issues a friend of mine is facing right now. Thank you dear nature, you always treat me like a baby here and I try hard not to get spoiled.

Harvesting olives as a biker :)

I have two poor olive trees in my house's garden that surprisingly this year without any care they were FULL of olives. The wind brought down most of them but it was a pity anyway to leave the rest ones so I pulled out a worn motorcycle cover and another plastic cover and started the harvest :

Quite funny and exhausting procedure as I had no special tools but managed to get a couple of vases with olives that passed the check control:

They'll rest in salty water for a couple of months and then I'll give them a try so stay tuned for super extra virgin organic olive tasting!

Paradox of the day

The picture below looks anything but weird. I drive in my car and ahead is something like an old pick up truck:

If you take a closer look though you'll notice that this "old pick up truck" is cut in half, left wheel mount is bent and it is pulled by a mini car :)

"So what"? you may say...Italy had Berlusconi for 15 years on top or for example Greece is the first country to face the crisis but probably the last to recover in Europe so that's nothing weird...