St Girons - Lourdes

We left the Hotel Euchenne with quite nice impressions. Most of all I loved the bar downstairs:

The Pyrenees around here are a perfect place on earth to be lost riding all day those wonderful winding roads crossing those cute French villages. Just avoid weekends and pay attention to that gravel on tarmac. Enjoy the photos:

On the way we met some adorable old cars:

That's me leaving Col Du Tourmalet behind:

We'll spend the overnight at Lourdes hoping that we'll be lucky on the weather as we've been so far. No rain so far!


Ripoll - St. Girons

The day was much better than expected from the forecast so we had an amazing ride. Almost all the route offered the joy of crossing the Pyrenees in good weather conditions:

After Collada de Teses 

some mist made the route even more interesting:

and some passes as well:

@ St Girons we decided we had enough of riding. That's the view of the river:

and the view from my room:


Barcelona - Ripoll

I've been to Barcelona 5 years ago so this time I gladly didn't take any photos and enjoyed the city in a more relaxed pace. I love it - Barcelona is a gem. Here I am taking the same picture of me in front of this glass building like five years ago (I am the red dot in the middle):

You'll find lots of these funny pooping miniatures in Barcelona and it's nice to read the story behind them:

We left Barcelona behind today to head for the Pyrenees but before we wanted to do the route from Lloret de Mar up to Sant Feliu de Guixol. This is a must ride full of tight bends following the coastline:

Somewhere in the middle of this one I found one of the best spots on earth to dock your yacht:

Somewhere on the C25 this thing happened:

...and usually then you get this:

My good old v-strom passed 100.000km...live long my Suzi!

We made it to the town of Ripoll. Nice one. Check out the pictures while I'll try to get some rest:

There's some Greek everywhere:


Bye Morocco, back to old EUrope.

We had the best dinner in Morocco on our last night. Full view to the sun sinking in the Atlantic ocean while having the most fresh lobster possible plus another fish I can't recall its name. Delicious both of them.

My Aussie mates put that cute Koala on my mirror while waiting for the ferry to Barcelona.

Feels really nice back to the civilised Europe but that doesn't mean I regret those two weeks at Morocco at all. Today we'll walk around the city (been here 5 years ago) before we hit the Pyrenees for a week.


Moulay Boosselham

Seems like the more North we head as we finish our days in Morocco the less exotic it looks. Kenitra last night didn't offer anything exciting nor did the route and today half of us made it to Moulay Boosselham. A nice fish village that made me feel like home on a sunny day by the sea. I had the chance to put my feet in the Atlantic for the first time. Very beautiful:

Lots of garbage, one piece was usefull though:

The stairway to the beach was semi destroyed:

The really funny thing was the place we decided to stay. The best value for money we could find around was a ruin from the French glory of the past overlooking the coast. Amazing view but the place is a neglected time machine:

You can even find pictures of the guys who used to live in there:

I am starving right now and can't the owner is out to get us some fresh fish for our dinner. Can't wait!