10 years PmB anniversary tour

Thanks for the great time guys, sorry but Movie Maker screwed my audio quality and the already low video quality from my cell phone.

See you!



...was my next destination as I had to leave Torino behind heading back to catch the ferry to Greece from Ancona. Sad to leave good friends behind there, excited to see a city for the first time which turned out to be very good looking, expensive and kinda snobish-showing off.

The city offers nice spots by the river,

a beautiful entrance to the old city,

impressive Arena,

also impressive castle,

which offers great view to the river from its bridge,

high tower of the Catholic temple,

the Romeo and Juliet house,

and as most north Italian cities good looking squares like this one

P.S. Thanks a lot Alex for your helpful guidance!


...was an epic ride. Fog, rain, high altitude, gravel and amazing landscape. Now that I am back home and safe (I almost lost the front of my Suzi on a downhill but managed not to fall) I have the time to post some photos:

P.S. Thanks a lot Ant for escorting :)


Chilling at Torino (part 2) ...

...Slovenia was a small but nice parenthesis of the tour. Pretty green dense forests, nice roads to enjoy riding (scrapped my engine guard though my rear tire is almost finished), quite reasonably priced as a country.

On our way back to Italy we stopped at a very scenic spot to try the local recipies:

This fine bunch of guys consisting the PmB group had to split at . I followed the guys who headed west and we ended up at Riva del Garda. This place is one of the most relaxing I've ever visited...exactly what we needed after 3 days in a row doing many hundreds of km around the alps. Really gorgeous:

After a nice ride around this amazing lake with the special climate and vegetation we had to take the boring autostrada back to Torino for the last iron butt part of this fabulous trip.

Here's the whole route kindly offered by my good friend Antonello:

Special thanks to him and all the nice PmB guys - see you again out there dudes ;)

Chilling at Torino...

...gives me the chance to blog a bit about the amazing riding experience that took place compressed in the couple of days that just passed.

Hard to leave this beautiful view from my balkony at Dobbiaco,

 but we had to move on.

Destination: Kranjska Gora @ Slovenia but first we had to do some nice passes and of course the well known Grossglockner. This is a MUST for any biker (or not) - period. The whole park is unbelievable, offering a great route plus countless spots for unforgetable photos. Unfortunately my battery died when we reached the marvellous glassier there but I managed to take  some pictures before:

We had to ride partialy in dense mist. When we reached the top at the refugee it was quite cold and finnaly snowing! My coldest July ever I have to admit:

This hard but wonderful day ended at Kranjska Gora where we attacked the local recipes in huge quantities:



Live from Dobbiaco (gorgeous sunrise!)

View from my balkony!

Live from Dobbiaco (12 C degrees right now here!)

I am really tired but really full of amazing km today. Too tired to make a decent post but too happy not to share it.

Last night was a very pleasant one at Pesaro thanks to Steve and Michele. We had cool drinks and local recipies during a nice sunset by the sea:

The whole scenery was good enough to keep as happy though we had to leave the place due to an unbelievable attack of thirsty mosquitos :)

Today's riding had it all. From cool bikers (20 in total) to cool km (600+ in total).

We all met up at the beautiful square of Marrostica:

First stop was at Monte Grappa:

Very beautiful and interesting place as so many people were killed there during the 1st world war. Well, now in 2011 people can have a much better time there like we did:

Next beauty to stop at was here:

This pass is one of the most impressive I've visited and lies at 2250 meters. Pretty cold up the (9 C degrees) but who cares when there's an amazing route to get there and a unique view from the top:

It is time to rest now, stay tuned for more updates. Lots of videos to be posted later as well...