DIY: Car seat

My driver's seat foam was worn and its cover needed sewing so I decided to try repairing it (first time I ever modded a car seat).

I put a foam pad on the bottom (from a playroom floor tile),

and a same one (white this time) on top:

The cover was sewed by a specialist but it was a PAIN IN THE ASS to put it back.

Main problem was that the foam was worn and couldn't hold the mounting rods of the cover. I had to repair some spots with silicone:

I used zip ties instead of hog rings. Almost every upholsterer (original included) does the opposite but I prefer the fully adjustable nature of zip ties even though I just went full tight everywhere:

...and ready:

Not 100% wrinkleless because the foam can't hold the cover's mounts as it used to do but it is WAY much comfier with the pads I added. Zero cost, one day job, makes me and my butt happy :) Oh, I gave 5 euros to the guy for sewing though he barely asked any money.

DIY: Gear shifter

Do you recognise this piece?

Yes it comes from a watering hose. Would you ever imagine fixing your car's stick shift using this? Probably not.
My car's shifter was way too loose lately and I decided to disassembly it and see how its bearings are like. Guess what? They were not even worn out..they were GONE. Without even a trace. New ones are cheap but not so easy to find so in order to fix it on the spot without delay I fabricated my own out of the piece pictured above. So...here it is:

My gear shifter needs two so I had to make a pair and file them down to size. Here's one in place:

Both before installation:

All in place:

I can't transfer you the difference this makes. You should have put your hand before and after. Literally, I smile like a kid at its first boner every time I shift gears. It's way more accurate and tight and I am so glad to see my gear box feel totally brand new. I wanna go one step further now: change the gear knob, already ditched the original cause it is VERY heavy and I suspect this makes the bearings wear faster though it makes shifting smoother. New one would be lighter and shorter cause I like the racing feel the stick has now without a knob at all. All gears feel so close to each other. NICE!