After 5500km on the road & almost 4 days on ferries...

...I got back home. Quite welcoming eh?

Though I was dead tired I did gave her a much deserved and overdue service:

Before that I had to queue with other bikers at the port of (very hot as usual in summer) Ancona
where I had to offer my congrats to this great German Dad who took his daughter on a bike trip to Greece. Hard to find such attitude in other nationalities. Both riding bikes MUCH older than his daughter who looks like 16 - no way she's older than 20. Hats off:

Sorry my lovely shows, after so many years and countless km you deserved a much better end but I had to dump you on the ferry. You've been great so far.

We have some of the best blue in the world here in Greece:

Thanks everyone who followed/cared/waited for me to come back in one piece.
Here's the whole route:

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