I'm gone...Φεύγω...

After a few political posts in Greek, it's time to inform you that I'll be leaving behind for a while my sweetheart called Hellas for the beauty of a tour around Italy - Austria - Slovenia.

The obvious reason why this tour will be a beauty is the above route itself. The other reason is (unkown to you therefore not so obvious) the fact that I will be riding with another 15 riders - members of the great PmB (Pochi ma Buoni) Italian Yahoo group established by my good friend Antonello some 10 years ago. I am the only member residing outside Italy and this is gonna be the great 10th Anniversary of this great group.If you are not yet convinced how great it is check out the logo:

I will try to update my location on the map as often as possible so you can track me while I'll be moving from place to place. After the above tour I'll try to do the Assiette as well as the Col de Sommelier (up at 3000+ meters) but no fixed plans about these rides around the Italian - French border.

I'll try to post and share stuff with you as often as possible.

Stay well and happy!

LAST UPDATE: After being postponed due to bad weather I leave on 29/6 to attend the meeting that will finnaly start on 1/7. I'll try to post as often as possible and will update my location even more often.


  1. safe and happy trip to you..:O)

    take lots of pics!..

    Sarah x

  2. Something tells me that I'll know your exact location even before you post it, as my bike will be parked next to yours :)
    It will be a great ride!

  3. Easy to be a clairvoyant like this haha. See you soon Ant!

  4. I'm leaving on 29th as well.. not by bike, though and not just for fun..

    I really hope you guys are lucky this time and have a great tour! Play it safe and have loads of fun!

  5. Thanks a lot my friend T, wish you have a great time till we meet again somewhere somehow... ;)