Live from Dobbiaco (12 C degrees right now here!)

I am really tired but really full of amazing km today. Too tired to make a decent post but too happy not to share it.

Last night was a very pleasant one at Pesaro thanks to Steve and Michele. We had cool drinks and local recipies during a nice sunset by the sea:

The whole scenery was good enough to keep as happy though we had to leave the place due to an unbelievable attack of thirsty mosquitos :)

Today's riding had it all. From cool bikers (20 in total) to cool km (600+ in total).

We all met up at the beautiful square of Marrostica:

First stop was at Monte Grappa:

Very beautiful and interesting place as so many people were killed there during the 1st world war. Well, now in 2011 people can have a much better time there like we did:

Next beauty to stop at was here:

This pass is one of the most impressive I've visited and lies at 2250 meters. Pretty cold up the (9 C degrees) but who cares when there's an amazing route to get there and a unique view from the top:

It is time to rest now, stay tuned for more updates. Lots of videos to be posted later as well...