Chilling at Torino (part 2) ...

...Slovenia was a small but nice parenthesis of the tour. Pretty green dense forests, nice roads to enjoy riding (scrapped my engine guard though my rear tire is almost finished), quite reasonably priced as a country.

On our way back to Italy we stopped at a very scenic spot to try the local recipies:

This fine bunch of guys consisting the PmB group had to split at . I followed the guys who headed west and we ended up at Riva del Garda. This place is one of the most relaxing I've ever visited...exactly what we needed after 3 days in a row doing many hundreds of km around the alps. Really gorgeous:

After a nice ride around this amazing lake with the special climate and vegetation we had to take the boring autostrada back to Torino for the last iron butt part of this fabulous trip.

Here's the whole route kindly offered by my good friend Antonello:

Special thanks to him and all the nice PmB guys - see you again out there dudes ;)

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