Madrid - Malaga

A very cold ride to  Athens Airport before the sunrise but an amazing day after the break of dawn. I leave Athens behind in a great shape like this:

and after a couple of hours over the clouds,

I arrived in Madrid. Much colder weather but very dry and windless. Super sunny too. I rushed straight to the train station to catch the first one to Malaga. They only had 1st class tickets for the next one and the price was....OUCH! At least it was super fast (300km/h!), clean, quiet, comfy with a nice meal offered and endless quantity of drinks:

When I arrived I was welcomed by a group of people waiting outside:

No Fucking idea what were they screaming for but they caused a lot of noise and traffic. Fortunately my good friend +Axel Papst picked me fast enough and after a 20 minutes ride we arrived here. Very nice (German) people, weather just like my home again (means warm enough) and after a beer and a chat we started cooking. Here's a picture before:

and after:

That thing was VERY yami and that dinner was much appreciated by my stomach.

Next day (today) after a great breakfast I sat outside enjoying the sunshine and this dog kept bringing me lemons to play with:

In fact there was a better game waiting for me and this was riding electric bikes around the lakes North West of Pizarra. The bikes were incredible easy to ride with top handling and support from the motor and the routes quite scenic. Have a look:

Some rocky parts were quite curvy and reminded me a bit of how they look like in Cappadocia. Weird...

Here's a mix of clips I took while cycling:

To be continued ;)

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