After Barca before Valencia.

The ferry that brought me to Barcelona was flooded by school kids and as you can imagine it wasn't the best back to back ferry trip I could have. Due to port's traffic we arrived a bit late and my airbnb host had to leave his place. Small things to add something to the adventure: Driving at night, communicating online with the house owner who insists on speaking only Spanish, trying to understand what the translation brings up and finally I make it to the place where I found the keys under a flower and was welcomed by two barking dogs after 10:30 pm running on the last fuel reserve for the last km. A shower and then I dropped dead on the bed.

BTW, that's my view as I type this @ 7:30 am:

No...don't envy me. The pool is not so good as it might look like. Mediocre and shallow for a spoiled sea person like me. I'll pass it. Or...don't know. Maybe a bit later. You still wanna see it? OK.

Gotta bring myself together and head for Valencia. See you on the next one ;)

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