Alicante 2

Last night I slept in the balcony outside and that's the morning view:

Yes it's quite enough in some places in Alicante to do so. Have a short tour with the tram to see how the city looks like:

A visit to the beautiful local archaeological museum...

brought me close to some interesting Maya items:

Last but not least this guy deserved more than one picture:

The quite tall buildings trying to offer as many flats with sea view as possible is one of the characteristics of this city:

However this city is too pretty to allow them to spoil her. Especially around this time that they celebrate the beginning of summer with various events taking place around the center:

Sorry but that this ship deserves a lot of pictures:

What is really impressive about the city of Alicante is that it offers such an amazing level of living to its people. The weather is amazing, even the hottest days seem bearable, the air feels fresh always, the light of the day is so bright and vivid that must be the only place I've been that can compete my birthplace's region on that and last but not least the effortless access to the sea. Half of the people walk the streets on swim suits :) Here's why:

Tomorrow morning I leave for Almeria. I'm doing good so far skipping the heatwave. See you ;)

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