Windows 10...r u kidding me?

My super dear ASUS UX31 got drunk for the second time in its career so I had to give it up and buy a new one. I was super satisfied with it and with Windows 7 being the best OS I've ever experienced by far. I was hesitant to jump to the new Windows 10 thingy but new laptop comes with it so...

Though I already expected a few disappointments from the new OS compared to the old one it still managed to break my balls beyond imagination:

First of all, for the first time I experienced a Windows system with so much crap inside that I don't need and I cannot uninstall. It really feels like a mobile phone coming with much bloatware from the factory and you have to try hard to jump the fence and uninstall all that stuff (with questionable stability even if you manage to). Speaking of software, Microsoft always prompts you to use their Store for programs and when you try to install from other sources the system reacts like a busy bartender when asked for more peanuts. For example, I installed LibreCad and even now Windows 10 do not want to associate .dxf files produced by it. When you right click on a .dxf file to set the default application it just ignores your stetting. If you go to the OS settings and try to associate applications by file type then...you just cannot find .dxf in the list! Only because you made the criminal move to install a free open source program like LibreCad. I don't like conspiracy scenarios but here's a proof to what I suspected: I installed Inkscape, a fantastic free software for designers. I first downloaded the installer from their site. Same problem: the .svg files I made couldn't be associated with the mother application. Instead they where associated with Microsoft Edge, their internet browser which (like so much other stuff) I cannot uninstall. Then I went to their site again and I saw they also had a link to download the same app from Microsoft Store. Guess what? The app was larger than the original, files where automatically associated and a few functions mysteriously not working before where now just fine. That's bastard's policy.

I could keep writing about all the stupid things I found here and there in this stupid OS but one thing I just discovered today pissed me off even more: In my previous laptop I was able to disconnect my USB sound card any time I wanted and the system automatically switched to the on board one even during a song or a video from any source. I just tried this with my new laptop (also ASUS) which is multiple times better and faster than the previous one but is unlucky enough to have Windows 10: A blue screen covered the whole display telling me that an error was detected and the system will automatically restart after it finishes the detection/report. When the process bar went to 100% it did restart, took more time than usual and guess what? Touchpad was not working. I restarted it via keyboard and it froze. Force shut down and a new restart to bring it back to normal life. F U very much Microsoft. 

The whole Windows 10 thing really feels designed firstly for Microsoft, secondly for dumb users and lastly (if any at all) for decent users who care about functionality. You are only in theory an administrator on your machine. In practise you are tied up. I am seriously thinking about going back to Windows 7 and if it wasn't for special applications I need I would have gone Linux without second thought. Some guys try to convince us that evolution means making our lives more complicated than they used to be. Machines should be here to solve problems not create new ones just because Microsoft or any other wants to built a personal information collector disguised as Operating System...

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