While I write these lines I have a bottle of cheap but strong Grappa in a balcony somehow overlooking the port of Genova. Weather is amazing but my tomorrow's trip to Pisa is predicted to me a bit wet...I came here yesterday after a nice trip from Torino which thanks to my friend Antonello's advises offered me nice pics like these (and videos to be posted later)

If you hate going up and down streets and stairs then the old part of Genova is your nightmare. It is a quite interesting city to visit though, considering the fact that the part of the city around the port consists almost exclusively by very old buildings which offer a nice time travel to the eyes of the visitor.

The fact that this part of Genova is built on a hill offers numerous chances to see the city from above.

This was by far the most impressive thing I found at the old port:

And here's its story:

Genova has some of the most narrow backstreets I have ever experienced - some of them are as wide as your shoulders.

One more impressive thing is the various tunnels in the old city:

While writing this post I already had a couple of glasses filled with Grappa so I'd better stop here...perfect weather and alcohol is weird mix you know...

Cheers till the next one ;)

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