Last afternoon I arrived at Marcana Istria. The whole ride was so pretty that feels like my trip is just getting better and better. From the great coastline of the area around Karlobag I reached Istria peninsula were (as expected) the road by the sea was fantastic as well but in a different way compared to the southern seaside (and much more traffic unfortunately). However, even heading to the inland of Istria the route remained impressive. What a nice place on earth...Unfortunately I was rushing to arrive before rain so I had no stops for photos (betcha there are too many spots you wanna picture) but managed to take a lot of videos on board (a mix of them will be made when I finish the whole thing which I don't know when yet :) ). Here at Marcana the place I booked is probably the best value for money I EVER had. Great people, nice apartment, fully equipped perfectly cleaned - feels like it was built just yesterday. I was welcomed with a fantastic BBQ dish (god I was so hungry and it was Sunday so no stores open). They also provided me a shelter place for my iron horse too:

View from the house:

And now there's a big problem...the weather is much more fantastic than the forecast said so...I don't know where to go first :)))