Torino & friends

On my way from Como to Torino I was advised by my good friend Antonello (who also hosted me there) to take the route through Panoramica Zegna and of course I didn't regret it though it was quite hazy to take decent pictures. Here's two of them:

My stay in this area was a nice chance to rest for a while, meet with our German mate Tobias and change my front worn and punctured tire:

I was treated like a king from Antonello's mum, of course didn't miss the chance to try the local food but also had the honour to visit the amazing gallery of historic bikes this family owns:

I've been riding bikes for so many years but never imagined that I would see in front of me ones with open sump, wooden brake pads and clutch made from cork!!! By the way, the right one in the picture is one of the 5 in total left RTW...oh yes...!

Obviously I did some riding too (yeah what a surprise...) so here's my visit to Gran Paradiso (made it up to 2500 meters as road was closed from snow):

Υ.Γ. Δείτε το όνομα του δρόμου σε ένα χωριό βόρεια του Τορίνο:

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