Umbrail pass, Stelvio, Como lake

Or in other words from the "cold as ice" to "hot as hell". Leaving beautiful Mustair behind I headed south towards Stelvio (how nice it is to have people waving their hands to you till they loose site of you and your bike as you drive off their place - thank you Felix and Brunner family!) This route leads you through Umbrail pass first which was super empty and super cold on this Monday morning. Amazing route through the snowy mountain and part of the road was under construction with awful grip due to gravel (full tank, fully loaded bike...you bikers know how it feels under such conditions in alpine hairpins...). No pictures from this part but videos to be posted later. 2500 meters high and then you have more to go if you do Stelvio. Here's how it looked there @ 2800 meters:

This is the SS38 that goes down to Bormio - perfect serpentine! 

After these freezing but nice moments I had a rather indifferent route up to Como which was very hot and humid:

I lubed my chain there and just before getting too sweaty I moved on to the place I have booked. Very nice hosts, good chance to relax:

Loved my breakfast!

Tomorrow I head for hot and humid Torino...I know how bad it feels under such conditions but I'll meet some of my best friends there that I haven't met for a couple of years and that's more than enough motivation :) See you soon guys!