Well, that's funny...I had no response from a place I tried to book in Italy so I just found another one in Slovenia got my google maps to find me a route without tolls (as usual) and I started riding thinking like (shit...I should check out the scenic routes first...). What I came up with accidentally was probably the MOST scenic route I could get. I could keep on filming and taking pictures ALL the way with no end.

Check it out:

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I already praised Istria of Croatia enough but yes it was such a nice ride through it leaving it behind. However, while approaching the Slovenian border things changed to the classic full green Slovenian forest offering amazing riding moments. The ultimate part though was the last part on my way to the village of Grahovo taking the 103 that follows the river (amazing moments riding by the green water) and especially the last kms that for some reason google made the mistake to lead me through some extremely narrow roads wide as a medium van and yes I met with a garbage lorry and a van and both were funny times. The landscape though crossing the villages Ljubinj and Podmelec is unbelievable. Thanks Google for the stupid mistake that offered me great pics 'n vids :))

Enough talk, here's some pics:


Poor bird:

Funny local band:

Check out John's BnB @ Grahovo - top guy: