Ait Ben Haddou

This town is famous as it hosted scenes for movies like Lawrence of Arabia. It's a picturesque one but the wind was crazy making the sky look white from the sand and dust so didn't give me a chance to walk the whole thing and picture it. Here's a few ones I managed to take:

Beautiful old doors I managed to picture before the owner came out to break our balls trying to sell us his stuff:

I must admit that the Riad Maktoub where we stayed offers the best personnel I've seen so far.

Very kind and helpful, offered to wash my clothes free of charge (haven't paid the whole bill yet so can't tell you if it's real value for money). It's rare around here to see that people pay attention to other things except your money so I felt like mentioning this nice exception. However, I just came up with another crappy thing about Morocco: I went to the local store to buy some bottled water and the bottles looked to me a bit weird...as if they were not sealed properly while the fridge had lots of water at the bottom. I said to myself "don't tell me they sell imitations of bottled water!". Well...they actually do that too! You can find numerous experiences like this around the net. Hard to comment...

And did I mention I already had more than enough of the same 3-4 dishes that they offer as Moroccan food everywhere? Which by the way (except Cous Cous) is not at all proper food when you have stomach problems like half of Morocco visitors do. And they all like to flood these dishes with cumin...arghhh!

The wind tries to break my window, cats are screaming outside, my stomach feels kinda confident for another night of fight with the local gastronomy I just consumed and I have to get some sleep...

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