Todra gorge - Ait Ben Haddou

Remember I wondered who's next to have tummy problems? Well, it's actually all of us now with me being the worst case. A complete nightmare that I can't remember when it was the last time I had anything like this but I will spare you the disgusting details. Completely exhausted and dehydrated I got myself on the bike. We met some extremely wide roads on the way that looked to me as if they started an airport and then changed plans:

We often met this kind of walls in the middle of nowhere:

Heading west we made a detour to Dades gorge which is a well known must:

Really unique rock formations in that gorge:

The last half part of that route up to Ait Ben Haddou was the worst I've ever done as I was completely drained, unable to walk more than 10 meters in a row. Still wonder how I managed to arrive in one piece. After a good sleep now I am much better already.