On the road again :)

...this time trying to get my bike for the first time to Africa (Morocco). She looks like looking forward to it fully loaded at my balcony:

After a 280km ride and an awful sleep on the ferry I made it to Ancona and then another 150 km for the meeting point of my friends +Kim Dasko +John Stalick @ Preggio, Perugia. I've done most of this route except the last 30 kms after Gubbio full of superb twisties on terrible tarmac conditions (holes and gravel all the way more than enough to send you to Jesus). The guys are amazing, and the village is such a beauty.

Don't miss the incredible food on that restaurant as well as the view from their balcony (guarantee - money back if you don't like it):

Ready for breakfast now and a ride up to Livorno where a 60 (!) hour ferry trip is waiting for us.

Stay tuned!