Barcelona - Ripoll

I've been to Barcelona 5 years ago so this time I gladly didn't take any photos and enjoyed the city in a more relaxed pace. I love it - Barcelona is a gem. Here I am taking the same picture of me in front of this glass building like five years ago (I am the red dot in the middle):

You'll find lots of these funny pooping miniatures in Barcelona and it's nice to read the story behind them:

We left Barcelona behind today to head for the Pyrenees but before we wanted to do the route from Lloret de Mar up to Sant Feliu de Guixol. This is a must ride full of tight bends following the coastline:

Somewhere in the middle of this one I found one of the best spots on earth to dock your yacht:

Somewhere on the C25 this thing happened:

...and usually then you get this:

My good old v-strom passed 100.000km...live long my Suzi!

We made it to the town of Ripoll. Nice one. Check out the pictures while I'll try to get some rest:

There's some Greek everywhere:

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