Chefchaouen - Fes

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the forecast before our breakfast at Chefchaouen. We were about to face 40 Celsius  on our way to Fes and unfortunately so it was. My hottest May EVER. After the first kms all the way it felt like riding with a dozen of hair dryers aiming at me. You open the visor to get some air and it just gets worse. Nightmare. But there's worse and that's the accidents on the way so you come out of a corner and you may face things like this:

Talking about corners, the route we followed to Fes on the N8 had lots of them and nice ones but the terrible tarmac didn't allow that much of fun as it often felt like soap on marble crossing some awful towns on the way like Bab Berrad and Ketama. Part of the countryside is quite beautiful and I will never forget the exceptional smell of pine trees and eucalyptus that kept my helmet open with a big smile on my face.

We stopped on the way a couple of times to fight the dehydration. In one of them I met the least automatized toilet:

Yep...you have to fill that tiny basket and flush the thing by yourself.

Moroccans were quite attracted by our "exotic" bikes and wanted to have pictures of them:

A very sweet moment was @ Fes when our dear friend Susan offered some tiny kangaroos straight from Australia to a group of schoolgirls that seemed to suprise (and upset?) the woman who escorted them. They were so cute and thankful all the way till we missed them from our eyes:

 Our arrival at Fes was short of a nightmare in the heart of a heatwave, the city is chaotic maze and except the kind locals out of the touristic business everyone else is attacking you to sell you accommodation, hashish etc. I guess that hashish thing is going to follow me all the way as for them every long haired guy like me looks like a joint maniac to them. It was similar in Chefchaouen but Fes is much worse on people harassing you: They are crazy overpriced and they never show you what you ask them for - instead they lead you to some brother's cousin's place where they expect you to be stupid enough to get ripped off. They are so greedy and stupid that they didn't get a cent from our pockets though we'd happily leave them some money.

The hotel we finally stayed had no single rooms (I'm the single of the group) so I had to negotiate the price for one of their suites and here's what I've got:

Some guys might like "exotic" places like Fes but the part we managed to see last night was a dirty mess of tiny backstreets so narrow that you can't even take a photo. Interesting but not really my taste especially with the harassment described above. We didn't have that much of fun.

Gotta have my breakfast now - see you later :)