With the streets being less crowded and the help of a guide we had a better day walking around Fes today. The heat is still strong (close to 40s) but most of the streets are so narrow that the sun can't make it's way to you. Less mule and donkey shit this time which allowed us to enjoy smelling most of the products for sale at the old Medina. Not the smell of things like these though:

Mules 'n donkeys struggle to carry all that cargo through the tiny backstreets:

There's also this way to carry stuff:

Or you can just put it on your head like the guy in the back:

If you want to make Celine Dion jealous of your wedding get this stuff for yours:

We were unlucky to see this place for dyeing leather renovated after 1000 years...

...but lucky enough to see this in full work:

That lady lying in that mosque gives you a spot on idea of Morocco's muslim slowness:

I couldn't miss the oldest university of the world which unfortunately is also a mosque:

I said NARROW: