Tangier Med - Chefchaouen

A three day trip on a ferry can only be boring on a ferry like the one we got but was long enough to give us time to have a look on our maps on the long tables of the dining area.

We were only happy to finally make it to Morocco though the customs tried to vanish our joy sending us from one queue to the other and then got us waiting...

...and waiting...

...even though the paperwork was all finished on the ferry.

The first kms after Tangier where nothing special but the N16 following the east coast is a great ride that we accidentally took as we should head straight to Chefchaouen instead. The P4105 after Oued Laou was no worse at all climbing up the mountain and we arrived at Chefchaouen with a big smile on our faces.

We wondered around the town...

and then we decided to have something to eat and leave behind all those guys harassing us trying to sell all shorts of stuff (why the fuck everybody tries to sell joints ONLY to me? wtf? I am only a few hours in Morocco and these guys try to sell me all the hashish of the world!)

Here's the restaurant we picked:

and the goodies we ate:

Here's a challenge for you: have a look at where I am going to sleep right now and try not to die laughing: