Fes - Errachidia

Here I am leaving my suite @ Fes having no idea what we would see ahead:

We took the R503 to make it to Midelt. The route was pleasantly fast and gave us a chance to picture some of those bare houses in the middle of nowhere:

As I was doing around 80 km/h on a straight when suddenly I saw gravel ahead. I said "Oh well...not the first time..." so continued like that but when my front tire stepped on it I realised it was a fresh deep layer of  3A gravel for tarmac ready to swallow me and my bike. The front started shaking like crazy, I was full of luggage and 20 lt of fuel with VERY strong wind coming from the right so imagine how it felt. Fortunately I managed to stop on the right before falling and jumped off the bike fast to warn the other guys (I was leading at this point).

We asked the guys working there and they told us that the nightmare is for the next 5 kms so we started again as no better option was open for us. Lots of trucks, gravel, crazy wind...terrible parenthesis.

We made it faster than expected to Midelt so we decided to spend in the overnight @ Errachidia instead. The route was getting more and more exotic and desertish so finally I got a taste of the real Moroccan landscape as the North looked often familiar to me (places like these can be found in Crete for example).

Here's my rear rim after  all that dirt:

No complains as right now we all chill by the pool: