Preggio - Livorno

We left the sweet village of Preggio on a lovely morning to make it to the port of Livorno. The first kms were very beautiful with lots of twisties in a very scenic mountain full of chestnut trees. Passed Lago di Trasimeno, short stop at Siena and a longer one at Voltera. Typical medieval town on the top of a hill and a good chance for some walk and cheese tasting.

Nothing that interesting on the rest of the route except lots of traffic (as usual) on the S1. We had a nice 'n cheap dinner at Livorno

while we watched the seagull waiting at the queue for some “FRUTTI di MARE”.

In the evening we entered the Grimaldi ferry were we realized how ridiculous it was. For a 60 (sixty) hours trip booked in an A class outside cabin what you get is a thing in an area that stinks worse than a dirty kitchen, a worn mattress comming straight from the 60s thin as a cigarette paper, 20 ml of something between a shampoo and a bathfoam, one small piece of soap and one towel. Yep...you gotta wipe your butt and face with the same thing what's your problem? No glasses and other useless stuff for human beings. Funny thing is that (of course) they don't want you to throw paper and other stuff in the toilet while at the same time there's no trash bin in there...F U!