Ait Ben Haddou - Marrakesh

Was a nice morning at Ait Ben Haddou both because of the beautiful sunrise and my better stomach condition:

What wasn't as good though was the look of our bikes due to last night's sandstorm. My bike never looked that miserable:

We took the N9 to make it to Marrakesh. Short ride but the middle part of it is really nice. First we made it up to the pass of Tichka (2296m)

It was literally freezing up there. 

Some funny lorries on the way going too slow (dangerous):

The route crosses the forests of Toufliht and Tagargoust so the vegetation changed dramatically:

It's an amazing route that gives you an idea about how Moroccan Alps would look like but the heavy traffic and the terrible tarmac with lots of gravel on it requires all of your attention. Funny lorries there as well:

Marrakesh welcomed as with its awful smell and insane traffic. I've already commented a lot on people's behaviour so just imagine that here things feel like 10 times more terrible. Some OK guys are still around but the rest is beyond belief. I appreciate more and more the women and the donkeys of this country. The only ones who don't test your boiling point.

This is were I'll sleep tonight:

We got some diarrhea and nausea pills from a kind girl in the nearby pharmacy just in case. Actually there's still a couple of us on problems. I asked that girl if they sell off such stuff around that time every year and she said "Yes! Not only you - even we locals suffer as well..."